TODAY'S CHURCH : Is She Still A Submissive Bride?

Updated: Feb 26

In The Beginning.

About 2 millennia ago, in the middle east, a radical new approach towards The Creator of existence was taught by a man believed by many to be The Son of God.

Today, popularly referred to as Jesus Christ, this was perceived as threat by the religious leaders of the era.

He was summarily executed but His teachings endured and His followers were later referred to as Christians. Their gathering was known as the Church.

Believers Of Today

Fast forward to today, I very much doubt the believers of earlier centuries would recognize the "gathering of the brethren" if they happened to walk in on a church sermon today.

I'm not talking about technological differences in Public address systems, stage lighting and sound design. I mean the actual sermon being spewed from pulpits. Even with prosperity message aside.

The Perfect Creator

We can at least agree that our Creator is Perfect. No more, no less is possible with perfection. This implies the lack of need to change anything and the impossibility of regret.

Our Creator's infallibility is the foundation of all religion.

The Christian Bible says "He is the same yesterday, today and forever". It also says "Thou shalt not kill". Somehow, this Perfect Creator is also described as requiring the murder of His Son that humanity receive salvation.

This Bible of Ours

No sermon i've heard has successfully scratched that itch. There is always a gap in knowledge requiring "faith" to fill. For some reason, i attributed it to translational error & thus began my journey to find early Christian literature.

The existence of The Apocrypha was a rude awakening. The Roman Catholic Church had a series of biblical literature the Pentecostal Church was completely ignoring. How could a difference in opinion go as far as fracturing the Bible?

The Shock

The rabbit hole went multi dimensional when i came across the first council Nicea in 325AD & the second Synod of Constantinople in 553AD. These "councils" edited & deleted contents of the bible shaping the narrative we have today.

So there were several permutations of doctrines before what is regarded as mainstream today.

I wasn't particularly pleased that the primary motivation for Emperor Constantine's editing committee was consolidation of political power. Politics and matters of the Spirit are strange bed fellows.

The Losers

The 1945 discovery of the Nag Hammadi codices in Egypt shed some light on an extinct breed of Christians. What struck me about them was their insistence that the death of Christ wasn't willed by our Creator.

They also believed that the way to the Creator lay within as opposed to a Being up in the heavens. Incidentally, Jesus is quoted in the Bible saying "The kingdom of God is within".

I was instantly intrigued but then some of their beliefs dazed me beyond recovery. I'm still reeling from the consequences of their thinking.

Back To The Matter

The wicked vinedressers parable teaches that a certain landlord's emissaries were mistreated by his tenants resulting in him sending his son. He expected the tenants to at least regard his son.

But the tenants saw an opportunity to kill him and obtain his inheritance.

The parable makes it clear that the landlord was enraged by the death of his son. Christian analogy usually refers to the landlord as our Creator, his emissaries as the prophets of old, the tenants as the people of the world and the murdered son as Christ.

My Mental Health

Endlessly i sat through sermons wondering how long i was going to pretend being part of their belief system. My mother already had issues with my questions before now and was convinced i was an atheist in the making.

My wife whom i met and married in church ensured my continuous presence amongst the brethren. It was bad enough that i was no longer a church worker.

And then there was this nagging thought that I was the lost sheep that needed to be found as opposed to being on the narrow path found by few.


My quagmire ended in the form of a church scandal. The Senior Pastor of my church was embroiled in a N500m financial misappropriation case.

Imagine their shock. Their "man of God" had access to such amounts while members were begging for rent and school fees. A particular church worker died for not affording surgery. Meanwhile his pressure on tithes, offerings and seeds were relentless.


My wife has grown a lot since then in my opinion, something my mum refers to as being infected with my virus. Years later, my mum is yet to show me a church where she is "planted and rooted" as she once preached.

I haven't been to church since before the lockdown and its quite unlikely that will change, but i digress.

Religion and Mental Health

This article started out to address the danger of engaging in a belief system with subliminally opposing doctrines. These apparent contradictions I suspect are designed to keep believers subconsciously anxious. A state of continuous reliance on religious leaders as the official oracles.

For my sanity, I often attribute these to lack of understanding and not a deliberate attempt at subterfuge.

For example, The Great flood is popularly viewed as a punitive action for humanity's abhorrent situation at the time but I'm convinced the flood was a consequence based on unchangeable laws of existence.

The Church vs Christ

{new edit}

This title was rather misleading, not on purpose though.

I'm typing this bit weeks after the original edit.

The Church in essence has nothing to do with organized religion which is what I have been yapping about all this time.

But rather a gathering of the sheep who recognize His voice.

Those who have ears....

{end of new edit}

Church Theology Today: God sent Jesus Christ as a sacrificial offering to die for the sins of mankind thereby obtaining us salvation.

Early Christian Theology: Christ came bearing a message of redemption through love. If man could truly love his Creator & mankind, internal values would easily shift and peace beyond human understanding would exist. Christ was so convinced about the veracity of His message that death couldn't sway Him. He willingly died rather than alter His message thereby sealing His conviction with His blood.


No organized religion has the monopoly of Truth.

The Catholic Church once killed people for saying the earth was spherical and the book of revelations was at some point considered unscriptural.

Your spiritual development is your responsibility. It is slothfulness to rely entirely on organized religion for succour. Slothfulness is a deadly sin.

Hi, my name is Kamozi and i'm your mindful Christian.

I wrote and directed Trepidation. A film about mental health vs religion where Etido wades through family secrets and superstition to save her sanity. But will she know the difference between blind faith & ignorance?

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